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March 9


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Hi All! Since I got pretty good at chaining, I decided to share how I do it~ Now remember, everyone has their own ways of chaining! You can find your own method or try another! This is the way I chain for shiny pokemon :3 And sorry if there is any confusion with this guide, I'm not very good at explaining things!



+Poke Radar (Obtained after you beat the game. It is on the second floor of Prof. Sycamore’s lab.)

+TONS of Repels. At least 300 to 500.  I usually buy the Super Repels since they are cheaper than Max Repels. But use whichever repel you want to! As long as you have a lot, it won't matter.

+A pretty big patch to chain in. You can chain in smaller ones, but I’d recommend a big one if you’re just starting. The best patches to chain in are the big green grass patch on Route 7 near the caves, Pokemon Village, and the large patch of purple flowers on Route 5 just before Camphrier Town. 

+A Pokemon that is pretty high leveled and knows a move with 40 PP or two moves with 20 PP or any other combinations. As long as you have a pokemon that have moves that equal 40, because you will be using the PP to count how many pokemon you have chained. Make sure the pokemon will faint with one hit. 
      > I also recommend that the pokemon is over level 70 if you have just completed the game and got the radar, since one of the legendary birds (Zapdos, Articuno or Moltres) can appear while you are chaining. I've heard that they don't break the chain, but I've also heard that they do, so just be cautious. Or catch them before you do any chaining. Your choice! 

+Patience. Chaining takes time. Don’t get discouraged if your first few hundred chains fail! 



+Register the Poke Radar. Make sure that it is the ONLY item registered! The Bike and Roller Skates WILL break your chain if you accidentally activate them! SO don’t have anything else registered and DON’T TOUCH THE CIRCLE PAD! Also, the radar will reset after you take 50 steps.

+Use a repel!

+Activate the radar! This will cause patches of grass to shake. Go into one of the patches and a Pokemon should appear (Unless, of course, it is a trick patch). If it is not the pokemon you want to chain, run from it and keep resetting the radar until you find the pokemon you want to chain. Once you do, catch it or make it faint (Fainting is recommended in order to start counting how many you chained) but do not run or your chain will break. There are four types of patches:

                        ~The Fast shaking patch.

>This is usually the patch you want to look for after you begin your chain. More detail will go into this later in this guide.

                        ~The Medium shaking patch.

> Not a patch you want to run into if you have a chain started. Usually breaks the chain but it can be the pokemon you are looking for.

                        ~The Soft shaking (AKA “trick”) patch.

> This patch shakes very softly and can be easy to miss if you are not paying attention. If you walk into this patch, you will get a message that says “There seems to be no Pokemon here…” and your chain will be broken.

                        ~The Shiny Patch

> This is the shiny pokemon you have been chaining for! This patch usually appears after you reach a chain of 40, BUT it can appear earlier! It has a little noise (that sounds much like the move leer when it is used) and it sparkles!




+So, you’ve just started your chain for the pokemon you want a shiny of! Yay! Now, after you faint (or catch) the pokemon, more patches of grass will shake. No matter what kind of patch you stepped into you’ll always want to look for the fast shaking patch because that is the pokemon you are looking for! But, there are some rules!

    Ø      The high shaking patch needs to be AT LEAST 4 spaces away from you IN ALL DIRECTIONS! (meaning the patch you can go into is the 4th one.) I say this for a reason. A patch could look like it is perfectly far enough away, but is it really?
                         >>  If you don't find as patch that matches this, then just reset the radar until you do!

    Ø      DIAGONALS. They are probably the number one killer of chains! A patch can look like it is four spaces away, but if it isn’t four spaces away diagonally it could break your chain!

    Ø      DON’T GO INTO PATCHES NEAR YOU! They are usually not the pokemon you are looking for!

    Ø      DON’T GO INTO PATCHES THAT SHAKE NEXT TO EACH OTHER! It can break your chain!

    Ø      BEWARE OF PATCHES BEHIND YOU!! You can easily go into a different patch that can break your chain if you're not paying attention.

    Ø      You can leave the patch, just make sure you don’t go too far away or else your chain will break! (Which you will know because the music will stop.) Also, do not reset the radar outside of the patch!

    Ø      If you go into a differently shaking patch and end up getting the pokemon you were chaining, then you got very lucky! Reset the radar after this and do not go into any patches until you reset it (unless a shiny patch appears).

    Ø      You can go into the patches at the edge of the grass/flowers that fit the criteria, BUT BEWARE! These can make it so no grass shakes after, and it can break your chain.

    Ø      There is special upbeat music (different from the regular radar music) that happens to go sometimes while you are chaining. This means your chances of seeing a shiny patch have increased! Just reset the radar until the music vanishes or you see a shiny patch.

    Ø      Once you reach a chain of 40, DON’T GO INTO ANY MORE PATCHES! You have reached the maximum number of pokemon seen to run into a shiny patch! Your chances of finding a shiny is now 1/200. If you get to 40, just reset the radar until a shiny patch appears.

    Ø      It can take a while for a Shiny patch to appear. Just be patient and keep resetting until one appears. This is where your repels get really depleted. I once chained a pokemon and the shiny patch took 3 HOURS to find. I think I lost at least 100-200 repels just trying to find the shiny patch.


Happy hunting!

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Libra-Dragoness Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have my personal Catching-Mon that I switch to when I encounter a Shiny, it's a Gallade. It knows Mean Look, False Swipe, Thunder Wave and Thief ( Mean Look is an Egg Move )

I once had this crazy encounter... I was trying to startup an Absol chain, and the MOMENT I step into the first patch of grass for the first chain

Shiny Drifloon X'D

But yeah I'm both Faving and Bookmarking it.

Also wish me luck, I'm soft-resetting for Shiny Mewtwo *has the Shiny Charm* I've been busy for two days now with 1094 resets X'D
Esurie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
That's awesome! I personally chain for shiny pokemon with my Shiny male Lopunny who knows Cut, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunderpunch :D

OMFG The same thing happened to me except I was trying to chain for Furfrou!! I ended up getting a shiny Pancham when trying to start a chain for them! And right after that I was able to chain two shiny furfrous with one chain!

I hope it helps!

Also...I think mewtwo is shiny locked in X and Y! Which really freaking sucks :c
But I have a few extra shiny Mewtwos I got from trades, would you like one?
Libra-Dragoness Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...omg Nintendo you jerks... First you Lock Reshiram *has a shiny Reshiram OC named Luchita*, then you lock Shiny Xerneas *wtf it's so pretty too ;A;* THEN YOU LOCK MEWTWO!? WHY!? Gonna keep trying though X'D

I would love one but I don't know what I can give in return ;w;

And it's ironic how after resetting Pokémon X (sent all my previous Pokémon to Pokémon Bank) My first shiny is in a Nosepass horde... X'D oh the hate love X'D
Esurie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah, I really do not understand what the point of locking them was?? And I don't get why they locked Mewtwo in game but you can get it shiny in all the other games it is in xD

And I can give it to ya for free, I have too many and I don't need 'em xD

Oh god that sucks xD My first ever shiny in X and Y was a male Amaura, I bred for him and he only took me 35 eggs x3 I actually still have him as an Amaura because Amauras are just so freaking adorable xD
Libra-Dragoness Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm trying to breed a shiny Espurr for a friend of mine, I've already filled four boxes XD But yeah, a shiny female absol is my number 1 goal, because of Ecco, a shiny Absol OC, and also one of the important characters in my PMD comic *thatonlyhasthreepagessofarXD*

But uhm... ... Yes. I just blurt out random things when I'm shy don't mind me X'D And I'm also gonna try soft resetting in Soulsilver. ...though I need to do that before the Pokémon Bank trial ends owo;;

And my FC is 3781 - 0075 - 8196
And register me as Lucy *Arceus I hate that name XAX*
Esurie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Ohh, I wish you luck on both!!

Also...since I feel like it, I want to give you a surprise pokemon!

And don't worry about that! You're actually a lot of fun to talk to xD
Ohh good luck again! I hope you get it!

Mine is 4399 0481 2574! My in game name is Sylvia for Y (that is the one I shall be using to trade you today) and my in game name for X is Ka'loa c:
Libra-Dragoness Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Registered :dummy: :heart:
And surprise? Ohmygoshwhyyyyyy *shot*

Everyone says I'm fun to talk to, though I find myself slightly annoying at times ^^; I keep asking some people to RP thanks to my wild imagination that needs to be satisfied. THAT'S why I've convinced myself that I'm annoying. 
Esurie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Yesh, a surprise 8D Is your in game name Mysteria?

Aww, I think everyone can be annoying at times, but I don't think you are! It takes a hell of a lot to annoy me :3
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alpaacas Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ffffft so that's where I went wrong :iconmingplz:
thanks! This tutorial helped me a lot! :D
Esurie Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Hehe :3

No problem! Glad it did!
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